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    The Career Pathways Program

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Frederick County has operated the Career Pathways program for more than 20 years. What began as on-site industry tours for students in Winchester and Frederick County, has grown into a regional partnership of educators, business leaders, and community partners -- collaborating to create the workforce of tomorrow.

Why Frederick County - Career Pathways Program


    Student industry tours were created in partnership with local school systems to offer an up-close view of careers in manufacturing. Students learn about advancements in modern manufacturing, how curriculum relates to real-world career opportunities, and the education/skill paths needed to enjoy a successful manufacturing career.
    The VIP Industry Tours were launched as a short-term initiative to showcase manufacturing operations to local, regional, and state leaders as important contributors to the economy, offering viable, well-paying careers in clean and technologically-advanced environments.
    Educators tour manufacturing operations to better understand career opportunities available to students and the education and skills needed. Tours offer educators a unique perspective, assisting them in advising students on the correlation between coursework and career opportunities in their community.
  • 2015 - THE WIDGET CUPĀ®
    The Widget Cup competition's founding sponsor, Winchester Metals, brought an idea to the EDA in 2014 - that career and technical education students should have the same opportunity as athletes to compete and showcase their skills. Frederick EDA developed a team of volunteers committed to creating the competition - meeting over the course of a year to develop what has become known as The Widget Cup competition.
    The B&E Summit was launched in 2015 to bring together business and education leaders to ensure effective communication.
  • 2015 - WORLDS OF WORK
    Worlds of Work is a seven-region, hands-on career exploration event for seventh graders in the region, serving the Virginia localities of Frederick, Clarke, Winchester, Page, Rappahhanock, Shenandoah, and Warren. Students interact with more than 70 businesses regionally in ten work worlds (industry sectors).
    The Workforce Initiative is a partnership between Frederick County, Clarke County, and the City of Winchester - collaborating to create the workforce of tomorrow. The Initiative is overseen by a Board of Directors, and engages more than 50 task force members.
  • 2018 - MFG WEEK 
    MFG Week is an effort of The Workforce Initiative - a week-long celebration of the innovation and prosperity of manufacturing to coincide with National MFG Day. The week includes industry mixers, onsite student and educator tours, a growing online video gallery of manufacturing operations, and a social media marketing effort
    The Employer Expo is Winchester's premier hiring event. Coordinated and operated by The Workforce Initiative, it is a comprehensive, annual event, which includes employer actively hiring for positions, professional development workshops, and access to fast-track training providers; open to the public free of charge.